Conscious Climate: Six Degrees

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This page presents a series of six National Geographic video excerpts based on the 2007 book Six Degrees - Our Future On A Hotter Planet by British writer Mark Lynas.

From the back cover: “Scientists predict that global temperatures will rise by between one and six degrees over the next century. But what will these temperature rises actually mean? For the first time, Mark Lynas brings together the major scientific projections, degree by degree, showing how life will change on a hotter planet. He reveals why the western US, southern Europe and Australia are likely to become uninhabitable. He shows the chaos and destruction that will result unless urgent action is taken to cut back greenhouse gas emissions, and he explains how we can avoid the worst impacts.”

The full video and book may be purchased online.

One Degree

Two Degrees

Three Degrees

Four Degrees

Five Degrees

Six Degrees